Scoreboards are compatible with international standards

All scoreboards are compatible with international standards for respective games. Custom designed scoreboards that are made specifically for the target sport are available for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and badminton. VionLive is an iPhone app made by professionals with multiple decades of sports broadcast experience for clubs, educational institutions, mobile journalists and individuals who want to share their games in live with their fans, family and friends.


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You can update your scores directly through available smart controls in VionLive in real-time while streaming the match. You may also enter score in scoreboard through the VRemote app that is available for free on iTunes store.

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Our Team

Bertand Samimi

Bertrand Samimi


Bertrand Samimi(co-founder), works as partner and domain expert. He has 27 years of experience in the audiovisual industry. He works as editor-in-chief of a local television channel in France. He is expert in audiovisual communication projects: institutional film, multi-camera shooting, corporate report, live broadcast. He is inventor of many devices and accessories that are used in the audiovisual industry. He has done BTS Audiovisuel option from France.

Tom Najdek

Farooq Nasim Ahmad


Farooq Nasim Ahmad (Founder), works as CEO.Farooq has over 20 years of experience in software industry working on video/audio technologies including conferencing solutions, VOD, surveillance solutions, broadcast solutions, IoT and embedded systems. Farooq is a senior leader in software industry with broad range of management experience as well. He has a bachelor of science degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Tom Najdek

Dr. Abdul Aziz


Dr. Abdul Aziz has nearly 20 years of experience in software development and leadership positions. He has PhD in computer science from USA. .

Tom Najdek

Ghulam Mustafa

Senior Software Engineer

Ghulam Mustafa has bachelors in computer sciences. He has over four years of iOS application development experience.

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